I happily welcome you all into this last month in the first quarter of this year - March, the Month of BREAKTHROUGH and POSSESS. I so much appreciate God for what He's done in our lives.

You see you,

~ You shall breakthrough every hurdles of your enemies and posses your possessions in Jesus' name!
~ You shall March into your Greatness in Jesus' name.
~ The blessings you received in the past month shall multiply beyond measure this month in Jesus' name.
~ Whatever represents ridicule, reproach and shame in your life is hereby terminated now! Testimonies upon Testimonies, shall be your portion in Jesus' name.
~ Every curse spoken against you is turned into blessing in the name of Jesus Christ.
~ The Lord shall be your safe refuge, a fortress where your enemies cannot reach. All your attackers shall be driven away like chaff before the wind in Jesus' name.
~ Those positioned to oppose you this month shall be devoured and their bones broken in pieces in Jesus' name. I give you the resources that will stop every insults in your life.
~ You are protected beyond measure, the hand of God shall squeeze out life from every Goliath in form of misfortune in your work, career, health, academics and business this month and beyond in Jesus' name.
~ I decree, full restoration of our your Redemptive Dignity in Jesus Christ!

Happy New Month My Holy Brethren!