ONLINE REVIVALIST: May we meet you Sir?

RESP: My name is Bro Better Honvou

ONLINE REVIVALIST: When did you join the Lord’s Chosen?

RESP: I joined Chosen in year 2013. I’m from Portharcourt Region.

ONLINE REVIVALIST: We heard your wonderful testimony; please could you share it with us once more for clearer details?

RESP: Okay, it happened on the 11th day of December, 2016. The Prophet I work for called me and asked me to come to his building site to work because I work as a building engineer. I told him I couldn’t make it to work that particular day because I had another two storey building contract I had at that moment. The next day being Tuesday, I went to the two storey building site to work. While working, an accident occurred and the irons we were using to work began to give way and the building collapsed. God just miraculously saved me as I fell down but only sustained an injury on my leg. We were taken to a hospital where we were given treatment. While at the hospital, I left for my house to get money to pay the hospital persons but didn’t return that particular day. It was later in the night that I received a call from the hospital that one of my workers had lost his life and was taken to the mortuary.  But a miracle happened, when the persons that wanted to go and get the corpse later on, they got there and saw the body shaking. He had come back to life! God of Chosen had recovered him and brought him back to life.
After some days, precisely on the 15th of December, I went back to work at the Prophet’s building site. We had initially done the foundation of the building but the prophet asked us to leave it open. When we got there, we saw that they had already closed up the foundation but didn’t attach any meaning to it. We just went ahead and continued with the work. While at this, I noticed a broken block somewhere and moved closer to fix the crack. I decided to dig a little and to my utmost surprise discovered a human leg. Meanwhile, the prophet had initially told us not to dig anywhere.

When I found this, I alerted those around to come and see what I saw. We then decided to dig further only to discover more bodies buried deep in the ground.

At this time, people had gathered and  some others went to call the Prophet to give an explanation to what we had seen. When he came, he tried to escape but for the intervention of the army personnel who were already around. He began to confess that the bodies were used for sacrifices.  We also discovered above sixty human heads buried in the foundation.
As I got home that night, I had a terrible encounter with three spirits that appeared to me in the dream. They were very angry and were questioning why I didn’t keep quiet when I saw the bodies. They threatened they would kill me. They had a coffin into which they commanded me enter while making enchantments and calling me a name my father used to call me. I saw my spirit leave my body and immediately entered the coffin. But suddenly I remembered the command our G.O gave to the Chosen on how to declare ourselves Chosen whenever we are faced with danger. I started shouting “I’m a Chosen!” repeatedly. As I did that, my spirit immediately came out from the coffin and came back to my body. That was how God of Chosen delivered me from that  encounter.

ONLINE REVIVALIST: We thank God for your testimony, may God bless you and continue to preserve you.

RESP: Amen.