Dear Chosen ones, with joy in my heart, I welcome you all into the eight month of the year, known as August in the secular calendar and Month of Abundance in The Lord's Chosen calendar. I bless God who saw us through the month of July - Month of Jubilation for the Needy.
I don't know how long you have been managing your life – your health, your job, your business/career. This is not the will of God for you. God has decided to visit you in a greater measure this month. He has marked you for abundance this month.
Everything about you this month shall blossom in Jesus' name.
You shall be established, your family and all that has to do with you shall be established this month in Jesus' name.
Every yoke of limitation, embargo, roadblock, closed heavens and evil winds in your life shall be broken this month in Jesus' name.
You shall be a partaker of God's hidden treasures this month in Jesus' name!
Whatever you lay your hands this month shall prosper in Jesus' name.
Pastor Larazus Muoka


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