There was rain of miracles during Instant Miracle Session, God's healing hands rested on all the impotent folks. Below are few of the beneficiaries.

# 14 years spinal cord injury rolled away, can walk now.

# 4 years paralyzes rolled away, can now walk well.

# 14 years deaf and dumb from birth
 perfectly healed.

# 1 year and 6 month, down with sickness and can't walk, but after the prayer from the pulpit, she can walk now.

# 1 year total blindness, now perfectly healed.

# 6 month broken bone instantly joined together, can walk now.

# 3 years partial stroke healed.

# 3 years stroke instantly healed

# 15 years deaf and dump instantly healed.

# 2 weeks affliction due to that couldn't walk but now can walk.

# 25 years Hernia instantly healed.

# 1 month spinal cord and partial blindness healed.

# 5 years on wheel chair but after the prayer mama stood up from the wheel chair and walk.

# A 3 month paralyzes rolled away.

# A 3 month partial stroke healed.

# 3 years swollen legs deflated.

# 7 years lost of memory instantly healed and regained his memory.

# 36 years blindness from the school of the blind, now can see perfectly well.