TEXT: Psalm 62:11, 2 Chronicles 25:8-9, 1 Samuel 2:6-8, Mark 2:1-12


With what God did in our midst yesterday and even today, it is evident that God has power to do this or that. With all the miracles, healing and deliverance, it is a clear proof that He alone has all the power to do all things. So many innumerable miracles ranging from child birth with no womb, hunchback been rolled away after many years, restoration of private part, epilepsy been rolled away, drug addict been saved, armed robbers turning back to God, lesbians and homosexuals repenting unto God, prostitutes and the poor been made millionaires, delayed marriage, HIV/AIDS turning to negative, madness been rolled away and so many uncountable miracles..... This is a clear definition of the nature of God whom we are serving in Chosen. In this ministry, there is nothing God has not done in our midst. He (Jesus) has been demonstrating His love for mankind in this present time even in the midst of the Chosen. His infinite mercy and love has never failed us in this church because He has chosen us to shew the glory of God to the world. There's nothing God cannot do.
For more understanding of the message, we shall consider the following points:

God has power to do all things, He has power to kill and to make alive, He has the power to build and to destroy and no one can question him. He is not acting with a borrowed power, he is the owner of power and by his power everything exists. God is the one that promotes and demotes (Psalm 75: 5), his power has no opposition (Isaiah 43: 13).
The Pharaoh of Egypt tried to oppose God unknowing to him that God created him to act like that, to use him to prove his power (Exodus 9 : 16). Moses visited Pharaoh to request for the freedom of Israel, but pharaoh seek for a sign and he threw down his rod and it became serpent and Pharaoh Magicians did the same and Moses rod swallowed others to show that God power is the superior power.
When the Israelites faced the red see and became afraid, God asked Moses to tell the children of Israel to move forward and Moses stretch forte his rod to the sea and the sea divides. The children of Israel walked on the floor of the red see to show forth the power of the Almighty. When Pharaoh’s army tried to follow they were covered and swept away by the ocean.
God has done many wonders before our eyes, he has done it before and he cannot change (Mathew 11: 1 – 5, Mathew 12: 15) don’t feel that your problem has no solution for God can do all things (Mathew 15: 30 – 31, Mathew 14: 14, Mathew 19: 2, Mark 2: 1 – 12), I want to let you know that God has power to do this or that. (Luke 7:12 – 15).

Our God has power to do all things, no matter what the enemies are doing always remember that God has power to deliver you.
You don’t have child, friends encourage you to go somewhere to get a child, don’t go there for God has the power to give you child.
We have so many testimonies of our brethren that God has given child in our mist, you own case is not different and God is able to do that for you also. Whatever you are going through, God is here to see you through (Luke 10:19, Isaiah 61:1, Luke 5:17).
God has power to make rich and poor, lifting up and down (1 Samuel 2: 3 – 10) you just make your choice. As you call upon God today He will answer you in Jesus name (Mathew 7: 7 – 8).

For those who are not yet born again, they should confess their sin and give their life to Jesus. A Christian is not a sinner and a sinner is not a Christian (1 John 3: 8 – 9). And If you are asking what is sin (I John 5:17a), anything that is not righteous is sin. Blasphemy, unclean thought, speaking evil of people, causing people, swearing with heaven and earth, divination, worshipping idols or making idols, secret cult, open cult, picking pocket and fraud, robbery or thief all these are terrible sin. Prostitution, abortion, masturbation, homosexual and lesbianism, assassin, fighting quarrelling, beating your wife and hatred they are all abomination before God, if you are into these you need to amend your ways and God will show you mercy. And if you are among those that are taking Indian hemp, alcoholic drinks, smoking cigarette, or you are involved in a wrong marriage, repent and God will show you mercy (Mathew 19: 4 – 6), so marriage is for a man and a woman, if you have more than one, you are committing adultery, marriage is for better for worst until death do you path. Are you into painting and bleaching, extra eyes and mouth (Jeremiah 4:30), also putting on male garments as a woman or female garments as a man (Deuteronomy 22: 5).
Jesus has paid the price for us all so that we can be saved. (John 1: 29, John 3:16, John 19:30, John 10:10b, Mathew 11: 28, John 8:30, John 14:6, John 1:12). As you receive Jesus today power shall be given unto you to become a new creature (1 Corinthians 5: 17).