Daddy GO's MESSAGE AT #SorrowToJoy2016 DAY 1

DADDY GO'S MESSAGE AT DAY 1 OF ‪#‎SorrowToJoy2016‬


TEXT: ESTHER 9:22, JOHN 16:20, ACTS 26:17, ACTS 8:5-8


Many people are into sorrows as a result of the activities of the devil. They have been living from sorrow to sorrow while others are testifying of the goodness of God. My assurance for you today is that your sorrows shall be turned to Joy in Jesus' Name. Revelation 21:4

For better understanding, we shall consider the message under the following subheadings;

We know there is no sorrow without a cause and it is good for you to know that sorrow weakens people, it makes those people loose boldness and it makes them give up hope but today, God will turn your sorrows to Joy. 1Kings 19:1-4. In this programme, your sorrow must be turned to joy.
NB: Sorrow does not bring glory to God. In most cases, sorrow is caused by the affliction of the devil and does not bring glory to God as those people may choose to die. Psalm 137:1-4. Many people because of the situation they are into cannot praise God nor give God glory. If a child of God is sorrowful, the people will ask him 'where is your God?' Psalm 42:3,10.
The devil is the cause of sorrow. John 10:10. No wonder we are warned not to give the devil a chance because he is an enemy. Ephesians 4:27, 1 John 5:18. If you give him chance, he will attack you and wreck your life. James 4:7. That problem you are going through, the devil is the cause. Those problems are the activities of the devil. That problem that is causing you sorrow, dont ever blame God, it is the devil - don't give him a chance. Do away with the devil and enjoy JOY UNSPEAKABLE. Judges 6:1-6. Looking at that chapter, the beginning of their problem was sin. No matter how magnified and sweet that sin is, don't ever give the devil a chance. Exodus 3:7, Psalm 32:10.

Whoever that wants to be free from sorrow must guide against carelessness and do not live a carefree Christian life.
Genesis 25:30-34. Listen believers, your salvation cannot be bought with money. If because of the things of this world, you are playing with your salvation, you have do something about it. Hebrews 12:16, 1 John 5. Remember, do not give yourself away to sin. You must make up your mind as a believer to serve God and be holy on every side. Jeremiah 29:11-13. You must not give the devil chance because because he would cause you sorrow here and sorrow eternally. 1 Peter 5:8. Be vigilant never you allow sin.
Esau couldn't endure hunger and lost his birthright. David went into temporal pleasure and regretted it. Even Ezra lived a careless live and died in it. 2 Chronicles 16:9. The remedy for all these is to amend our ways and seek God with all our heart. proverb 28:13. If you are still living in sin and you want your sorrow to be turned to Joy, it can't work unless you repent

For sinners and backsliders to be saved, they must confess their sins and repent of them, ask Jesus Christ to come into their lives and go on to ask for other experience that makes for joy, and they shall be totally free in Jesus' Name (Romans 3:23; 6:23; 1st John 3:8-9;1st John 5:17a; John 10:10; John 6:36; Proverb 28:13; Mathew 6:33; Romans 10:13)