QUESTION: Do you intend to achieve the ten billion soul's mandate and bring the churches together?

G.O: Chosen is a church of all churches, it's a church established on top of all other churches. Our vision goes thus:
1. Grassroots revival all over the world.
2. Revival of the apostolic Christian experiences among the body of Christ
3. Revival of Heaven consciousness among the body of Christ and the ultimate - Heaven at last.
From Monday we will be holding Worker's Conference, this program is for all churches, church workers all over the world, we are already receiving delegates from all over the world. Chosen is church for all churches.

QUESTION: What is the your advice to the church and the world at large in this end time?

G.O : My advice to the church and the world at large is to draw closer to God, God is the only solution and answer to everything.

QUESTION. Do you support the ongoing anti corruption crusade of the present Government?

G.O. Yes, we have been praying for that to be, and by the grace of God they will attain it and bring sanity to the system.

QUESTION. What is your advice to the Government?

G.O: My advice to the government is that they should draw closer to God. We are praying for them. As far as the world is concern and we Chosen are here, Nigeria is the best.

QUESTION. You are an Apostle of righteousnes, how do you intend to achieve this aim?

G.O: I believe God has send me to this generation to preach righteousness and holiness and to prepare the world for the second coming of Christ.

QUESTION. I believe after this program you are going to have other programs?

G.O: Yes the program is " THERE COMETH ONE MIGHTIER THAN ALL" that will be held in Kogi State, and THE ENEMY SUBMITTED slated for first week in June, in that program, all powers of darkness will submit to God and people will be set free.

QUESTION. What effort are you making so that the church will have one doctrine and prepare for the second coming?

G.O:- What matters is for everybody to be one in holiness and righteousness, believe the same thing, say the same thing. Our message is righteousnes.

QUESTION: In this program, what do you intend to achieve?

G.O:- The program is meant to impact on the lives of people all over the world, by so doing, it will bring about change in their lifestyles and great impact on all nations.

That will be all for now, may the good Lord whom you serve with all your heart richly bless you the more and increase your ministry. We wish you Heaven at Last.

G. O: Amen! God bless you all.