Sis. Faith Abudulsalami.

Her testimony goes thus;
It happened that our boarded a bus going to Lagos from Ogun State. The bus was fully loaded with passengers and 3 armed Robbers with 3 AK–47 guns were in the bus too, unknown to our sister and other passengers. As they got to a particular point in their journey, the Armed Robbers told everybody to maintain and cooperate that they were armed robbers. 

One of the armed robbers on sighting our sister as a Chosen, told his members to leave her alone that she's OMO BABA IJESHA but his co–gangs didn't listen to him, they stood up and got ready for operation and one of the robbers said "YOUR LIFE OR YOUR MONEY". As our sister declared, I AM A CHOSEN, one of the Robbers shot her but the bullet could not penetrate her body and one of them lifted up his hand to slap our sister and she declared, "WHERE IS THE GOD OF MY PASTOR'S POWER" 

As she made this declaration, the hand of the armed robber hanged on the air and could not come down, all their power and charm failed them and our sister told the driver to continue driving and the driver continued until they got to a police check point in Lagos. She and the police arrested the 3 armed Robbers and took them to ONIPAN POLICE STATION.

On confirmation of our sister's identity, the DPO called our State Pastor in Ogun State and told him what happened, The State Pastor told him that there is this covenant between our Daddy G. O and God Almighty, the DPO was amazed on hearing this, and also called the coordinator of CRN, Pst Livinus, who called our daddy G. O. and our Daddy G. O. told him that the DPO of ONIPAN POLICE Station had already call him and told him everything that happened.

Our sister further explain that the DPO said for this miracle that HE must come to The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries and all the passengers also promised to come and fellowship with The Lord's Chosen church in order to experience and witness the miracles, they all collected her phone number.

In summary, our sis testified that the DPO was surprised that a smallish girl of her type could perform such a great task and arrested 3 armed Robbers which they cannot do.
Praise the Lord!


Chi said…
Incredible miracles happen at the Lord's Chosen. God of Chosen is so great.
Ikenna Vincent said…