Do The Will Of God And Prosper, Former 419er Promoted

I really want to appreciate the God of Chosen for granting my soul salvation. I am resident in South Africa and was a very big fraudster. But today, the God of Chosen has delivered me and made me a Chosen indeed. I praise His name forever.
Bro. Noel Lawrence Chukwuemeka Chosen                                                            South Africa
Bro. Noel Lawrence Chukwuemeka Chosen South Africa

I joined The Lord’s Chosen
in the year 2010 in South Africa and when I joined, my former collaborators said to me, “What are you going to do now, seeing that you won’t have another means of making money?” I told them that the God Who saved me, would make a way for me. I would not return to that life again.
When I went to The Lord’s Chosen branch there, I realised that there were some people there, who had become a stumbling block to the church. They were not moving forward and did not want the church to move forward either. I took it upon myself to fight them to a standstill. I told myself that I would rather die fighting to free the church from such people than watch them continue to hold the church to ransom. I kept my words and fought them to a standstill and they ran away. Today to the glory of the Almighty God, the branch is recording success.
When I joined The Lord’s Chosen and because I had nothing else doing having left the evil business of swindling that I was engaged into earlier, I decided to become the church security, guarding the pastor everywhere he goes. The good news is that today, those who asked what are you going to do to survive if you don’t continue in the swindling business, are still into that business yet, the God of Chosen has blessed me with two jeep cars, landed properties both in Nigeria and South Africa respectively. I have also become their benefactors because; I pay their house rents now.
Again, I want to thank God for saving my family from a terrible fatal accident. I came into Nigeria April 24th 2013 from South Africa. Thereafter, I received a call that said that my wife and children were involved in a ghastly auto-crash and had been taken to the hospital. There, x-rays were done and they were given clean bill of health. Nothing went wrong with them. None of their bones was broken despite the fact that the air bag of the car got burst up. In fact, I was told that my last baby was found under the car at the time of the incident.
Praise the Lord!
Bro. Noel Lawrence Chukwuemeka Chosen
South Africa


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